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Terms & Conditions of offer
1. Booking must be made between 1st / 30th September 2018.
2. A deposit of 20% must be made by the 31st December 2018
3. Before a booking is confirmed, the date, location and timing of the Wedding must be confirmed in writing.
4. Additional fees might be incurred if the location of the wedding is 40miles from Ashford, Kent.
5. Pseudo Stereo has a full party song list. If you would like to suggest a particular song/songs this must be agreed at least 6 months prior to the Wedding date.
6. Full payment to be completed within 6 weeks of the date of the wedding date.
7. Pseudo Stereo will do everything it can to ensure that the wedding is a success, however, life events can occur and we cannot take responsibility if at short notice we have to cancel a booking. All monies paid will be returned in that event and we will work with other bands / entertainment to ensure your wedding goes off without a hitch.
8. Sound limiters are often used at Wedding locations and we will do our best to perform within its limits. However, the venue can often set these very low which makes having a live band perform almost impossible. Please do check with your venue to see what Db these are set too. We do not want an unhappy couple who cannot have their entertainment before because of a sound limiter!

Sometimes venues utilise a sound limiter to ensure volumes do not exceed a certain level. Often these levels can be below what an ordinary band may play at. We encourage you to check with your venue and make us aware if there is a sound limiter installed.

Please note: Please check with us prior to booking the band to discuss if a sound limiter installed.

If you book the band and have not checked whether your venue is suitable for the band to perform then you could be liable for cancellation charges as set out in our Terms & Conditions

Pseudo Stereo have the necessary level of public liability insurance in place to keep the band, our equipment and our audience safe. We are fully protected against any unfortunate accident or issue. A copy of our insurance certificates will be present on the day.