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What are your fees?

This is a tough question to answer because of the vast range of circumstances we have to take in to account (travel, dates, size of venue, PA requirements etc…) we do not have a fixed price. However, our prices do start from as little as £800. Please get in touch using the ‘Contact‘ option on the navigation bar and we will give you an accurate quote

How many in the band?

The band is made up of Vocals, Guitar, Bass & Drums. We also utilise the latest in band technology to ensure the song is as accurate as possible. 

How much time do you need to setup?

We bring with us our own PA, Light Show and full drums. Typically this will take 1hr to setup based on decent access to the venue. 

Can we pick the songs you play?

Pseudo Stereo has a wide range of songs within the set list. We use the moto of ‘if you cant dance to it, chant to it’ – We do offer to learn your ‘first dance’ and another couple of songs in the Platinum Package. 

Do You Carry Lighting & PA Equipment?

Yes, we carry a high end quality sound system which is loud enough to fill most wedding and party venues for numbers of up to 250 and we also provide standard stage and disco lighting.

How many plugs do you need?

We need at least 3 x 13amp (standard) plug sockets and we draw approx 2.2kW of power. (from separate mains feed i.e. not a 4way extension)

How much space do you need?

The band needs approx 5m x 3m ‘stage’ area. This is enough room to fit the band, PA and lighting. Our lighting rig to work at optimum settings needs at least 3m height of ceiling. 

Anything else the band needs for the day?

A  hot meal for all band members (4 persons in total) and a free supply of soft drinks and water.  A room for the band to get changed in, eat dinner and store cases / valuables (if this is not possible, let us know as there are alternative solutions). The band has 3 vehicles (a van and two cars which will need a secure parking area close to the stage area).